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A fried egg should be cooked on both sides.


There are two ways to cook a fried egg: on one side or on both sides. Most Japanese people think of the one-sided way when they hear "fried eggs", but I like fried eggs cooked on both sides. The roots of cooking method of fried egg are a long story, so I won't bore you with it this time.


In the case of one-side cooking, we steam the eggs with a little water to cook of the top side of it. I don't like this process. Steaming the eggs with water makes the crispy white meat wilted. If you make it crispy again after steaming, the yolk gets overcooked. It's very nonsense.


if you cooked both sides, you won't have this problem. You can taste both the crispy white meat and the melted, half-ripe yolk. However, cooking on both side is a little more difficult. If you are not careful, the yolk film will break and the yolk will overflow. The following is the key to make a double-side fried egg.


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